Happy Endings Recap: Cocktails & Dreams

Does Penny have a special pair of pants for every occasion?  Last week it was her Angela Bassett pants, extra-flowy and ready to comfort and empower a lady friend in need.  (Stop waitin’ and start exhalin’!)  This week it was Pajoveralls.  Not just Pajama Jeans, Pajoveralls.  (In case you don’t already know, Pajama Jeans look like jeans but feel like pajamas!) 

Penny ended up in said as-seen-on-tv casual-wear due to a cleanse-induced depression state.  ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ starts off with Penny on a cleanse and Dave with a liquor license for his food truck.  Alex joins in on cleansing and takes to it quickly – while Alex is high on starvation endorphins (or ‘the release of toxins’ as Gwen says) and enamoured with how high she can jump, Penny has lapsed in to full on depression.  She almost jumps off Brad and Jane’s balcony.  And that’s how she ends up in Pajoveralls. 

Meanwhile, Dave’s speakeasy themed, late night food truck bar is a Chicago hit.  But the drinks, which contain turpentine? are causing everyone but an absent Max and cleansing Alex to have sex dreams about Dave.  In some hilarious set-ups too – Jane has a fantasy about ‘drunk cleaning’ Dave’s truck, Brad is impressing Dave with his Bush by Kevin Bush cologne and for Penny, it’s Dave proposing to her in a log cabin.  There’s a round of hysteria over why these dreams are happening and we find out Brad has had past explicit reveries about Fran Sinclair, the mom from Dinosaurs.  The three are relieved to find the cause of their Dave-dreams are the drinks. Though it seems like Penny wants it to happen again and chugs what remains in her mason jar.

In a slightly sadder plotline Max is concerned about how much time he’s been spending with Grant and worried he’s settling down.  Then, after discovering fritatas (‘egg pizza’) and having a great day with Grant, he decides he’s ready for a future with him.  He is disappointed to find out though, that Grant doesn’t see kids in his future.  They decide to go on a break :(.  I hope this isn’t the last of Grant!

Alex discovers her cleanse guru, played by the always great Paul Scheer, is actually part of some strange toxins-free orgy gang.  She quickly ditches cleansing for a plate of ribs at the bar and finally tries one of Dave’s drinks as he closes up his speak easy.  The briefly popular spot is now panned as a fad by the same listings magazine that named it a hot spot.  What we (and Alex) believe is another Dave fantasy is actually really happening and with that Alex and Dave are on again?  The plot thickens!

“Bitch it’s 5:30!”

Brilliant Things I Forgot to Mention: Colin Hanks, Rat Poison/Pirate Cereal confusion, ‘Whore’s Bath’ confusion (and Penny’s amazing diatribe and overpronouncing of Au Bon Pain), “You found my My Morning Jacket jacket”, ‘Floor Bacon’, the Freddy Kruger sweater, the mini-triathalon, Kris Jenner, Krippendorf’s Tribe and Jon Voight/Varsity Blues.